Comprehensive Log Services in Coquitlam

When you choose us, you'll always have a wide selection of services to choose from. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 604-521-1714 or at if you'd like assistance determining which service is appropriate for your situation or if you have questions about what we provide. We're always happy to discuss the options available to you!


  • Container loading for export to international destinations – We are experts at export paperwork
  • We are capable of loading all sizes and species of logs into containers for export to international destinations. We routinely deal with export paperwork, and, can assist in locating brokers and trucking companies for container transport to the appropriate docks.


  • Camp-run Sorting – Our 50 ton capacity de-watering crane efficiently de-waters the wood onto our 5 acres of paved sorting facility which allows us to sort up to 2,500 m3 per day for any sorting requirements. Our crew can effectively handle from 2 to 50 way sorts per customer specifications. Professional scaling services are available for scaling and grading wood.
  • Custom Log Sorting – Our dryland specializes in custom log sorting to upgrade boom value. Professional scaling services are available for scaling and grading logs to customer specifications. Same-day scaling information and broad-base customer accessibility promotes efficient end sale of product.
  • Resizing and double/single wrapping log bundles for export ship-loading – The de-watering crane is capable of handling up to 50 ton log bundles for resizing, length sorting and double or single wrapping for barge or ship-loading. Log bundles can then be securely loaded, and, securely unloaded, thus minimizing breakage at various destinations in the United States or Asia. The crane also weighs sat bundles, allowing scale verification with only a few sample sat bundles to scale.


  • De-barking logs for export – Increase your cargo capacity by 10% by de-barking prior to shipping! No need for fumigation at destination!
  • Our MK IV, Valon Kone Brunette Ltd de-barking machine is capable of de-barking logs from a minimum diameter of 4 inch to a maximum diameter of 35 inch, and, from a minimum length of 7 feet to a maximum length of 44 feet. The de-barking speed has been slowed down to 100 feet per minute to get quality de-barking, with automatic sensors that ensure no damage to the end of the logs. 
  • Pacific Custom Log Sorting Ltd is located on the Fraser River, very close to Fraser Surrey Docks where logs are loaded on ships for international destinations. We can save our customers time and money in providing this service through our facility. We can build 30 ton log bundles, the maximum lift handled by ship loading cranes which facilitates faster ship loading. As well, we can provide boomgear returns to a variety of major companies following ship loading.


  • We can save our customers time and money by Rosser-Head de-barking large logs from 34 inches to 72 inches in diameter for export to Asian destinations.


  • Log Barge Sorting – Our water crew sorts previously sorted log bundles into single species and grade bundle and flat booms per customer specifications. Boomstick handling is also available on a large scale basis, as is tag recovery, re-bundling of loose logs, scaling services, and, in depth raft reporting.
  • Raft Sorting – We sort and produce bundle booms and flat booms per customer specifications. Mapping and reporting rafts to customers on a timely basis is part of the service. Scaling is available per customer requirements.
  • Raft Repair and Re-stow – Raft repairs can be done at our grounds, or, off-site. We also transport our water crew off-site for major re-stow or repair jobs.


  • Trucking to local custom cut mills – We de-water and truck ALL sizes of wood to local destinations.
  • Trucking to Interior destination – We de-water and truck ALL sizes of wood to Interior destinations.
  • Export Trucking to USA destinations – We de-water and Truck ALL sizes of wood to USA destinations, which includes dealing with export paperwork and comprehensive trucking reports.


  • Pacific Log Recovery Systems is available for Salvaging sunken logs from the Fraser River, recovering sunken log bundles, sweeping the river bottom prior to dredging, stand-bye for log recovery during dredging, mill pocket log and debris clean-up, custom dredging projects in shallow water situations, salvage wood and log transportation to specified destinations, plus many other applications.
  • The equipment consists of a 110’ by 30’ barge with a 330 cat log loader with a custom long-reach boom and grapple. 
  • Contact Pacific Log Recovery Systems directly by phone at (604) 817-5647 (LOGS) or, through Pacific Custom Log Sorting Ltd. at (604) 521-1714


  • Logs from private land owners and land developers – We actively purchase logs from private land owners and land developers. We offer pre-harvest appraisals at site and can organize falling, loading trucks, sorting, and, scaling services. The logs we purchase are sorted to their highest potential and pay premium prices.
  • Harvested logs from forest companies and log brokers – We offer competitive prices for log purchases on the West Coast and welcome all inquiries regarding potential log purchase agreements.
  • Beachcomb logs – We are the largest beachcomb wood purchaser in the Fraser River and Howe Sound area. We offer excellent prices and prompt payment for wood from beachcombers. Our central location makes delivery and return of gear much easier and more efficient.


  • Pacific Log Scaling Services offers on-site scaling services which provides for same-day information for customers regarding their sort. These services include professional scalers capable of grading and scaling for export and domestic purposes. Our BC Certified scalers are able to do boom inspections on request.
  • Rates for services are based on the customized work required.


  • We provide log towing services through Pacific Custom Log Sorting tugs which tow customer wood to our storage grounds situated in the Fraser River. Fresh water log storage protects logs from costly toredo damage which can occur in salt water storage. Quadrant Towing operates from our site and can provide all your towing needs in the Fraser River and Gulf of Georgia at


  • We have water taxi services captained by licensed scalers able to do boom inspections at customer request.
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